“Зимняя дорога”, римская мозаика, смальта, натуральный камень, (Образец)


The Roman mosaic “Rural road” was created by the author in 1985 at the seminar of the Union of Artists of the USSR on Roman mosaics. This mosaic took first place in the USSR in 1985.
The mosaic is a wooden box on which a mosaic layer on polymer cement was laid 35 years ago. Used smalt and natural stone.
Everything is in perfect condition. The mosaic is one painting, 3 cm thick and weighing approximately 15 kg. Can be used in the interior.
The author applied a new characteristic masonry, while maintaining the intrinsic value of the color of the base cement layer. Such masonry can be successfully applied in modern interiors and on building facades.

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Вес 20 kg
Габариты 100 × 120 cm


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